Phila vom Röddenser Busch

Phila is a daughter of the well know multichampion Giorgio Armani from Swiss Star (amongs other titles International, Nordic, German, Austrian, Hungarian and Czech champion), and she started het carreer succesfully by winnning three first prices.

Phila was our fourth Swissy to win the title of Bundesjugendsiegerin Dortmund (Germany), after Gaby in 2008, Flora in 2011 and Naia in 2015.

For the moment, no more show results because of the pandemic.

Phila past the health tests successfully: eyetest OK, and HD-, ED- and OCD-negative.


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Date Show Class Result Keurmeester
12.10.2019 Bundessieger Dortmund (D) Junior 1Exc JCAC Bundesjugensiegerin Lorenz (D)
20.10.2019 CACIB La Louvière Junior 1Exc JCAC BOB Class (F)
27.10.2019 CACIB Leuven Intermediate 1Exc RCAC RCACIB Vanhoenacker (B)

Phila May 2021