Flora-Hanna vom Schloß Mansfeld

Flora stems from the well-known Schloß Mansfeld-kennel in Germany. She is cheerful, reliable with children and an excellent guard dog. She passed the Belgian character test (Test de sociabilité - TST) and she is HD-, ED- and OCD-negative.

Moreover, she is a very caring mother for her puppies. Her daughter Marte-Flora made the way back to Mansfeld, and she got the “Zuchtzulassung” of the German breed club.

Flora is a Belgian and Luxembourg champion, and she won the titles of Bundesjugendsiegerin Dortmund 2011 and Amsterdam Youth Winner 2011.

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Date Show Class Result Judge
23.07.2011 Clubschau Eisleben Junior 2Exc RJCAC (SSV, VDH) Dr Hollensteiner (D)
15.10.2011 Bundessieger Dortmund Junior 1Exc JCAC BundesJugendsiegerin Eberhardt (D)
26.11.2011 Winner Amsterdam Junior 1Exc Jeugdwinster 2011 Stafberg (S)
11.03.2012 CACIB Offenburg Interm. 2Exc RCAC Muthsam (D)
31.03.2012 CACIB Luxembourg Interm. 1Exc CACL Van den Berg (NL)
22.04.2012 Clubschau Ettelbrück Interm. 1Exc CACL Rieger (A)
10.06.2012 CAC Lommel Interm. 1Exc CAC Leenen (B)
21.07.2012 CACIB Liège Interm. 1Exc CAC RCACIB Van Raamsdonk (B)
17.02.2013 CACIB Turnhout Open 2Exc RCAC RCACIB Schultheiss (D)
17.11.2013 CACIB Kortrijk Open 1Exc CAC CACIB Dr Hollensteiner (D)
08.02.2014 CAC Genk Open 1Exc RCAC Hjorth (N)
22.02.2014 CACIB Gent Open 1Exc CAC CACIB BOB Vermeiren (B)

Flora - Amsterdam Winner Show
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